MC 30thANniversaryBookBackground- Medical City is a full-service hospital located in North Dallas, Texas. Paula began working with them in 2001. Among other projects, she completely revamped their quarterly intrnal magazine, City Views, and managed its publication on an ongoing basis. The Hospital was so confident in Paula's abilities that it turned to her, instead of its full service agency, when the time came to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Challenge- Conceive, design and produce a 56-page, 30th anniversary commemorative book featuring 1,650 doctors while being engaging.  The publication had to stand alone, but not outside of the overall Medical City brand, and the design, production values, and content had to be strong enough and forward-thinking enough to sustain a two-year shelf life. The finished product had to be in reader’s hands within 3 months.

Solution- The success of this book lay in arranging content to highlight accomplishments in a way that commanded attention and maintained interest. Doctors were organized by “centers of excellence” with a handful featured in each section, and a full listing of all physicians at the end.  Generous use of large photos, copy blocks set off by borders that echoed the shape of the book itself, and bold headlines and quotes in varying colors of type broke up the copy-intensive piece and made it more inviting to read. 10,000 copies were printed and the book garnered national recognition in the form of a 6-page article in Profiles in Healthcare Marketing.