Success is a Balancing Act

You’ve got the ball and you’re running with it, but is there a goal post in sight? What game are you playing? How should you play it? And how can you win at it—not just once, but over and over, in new markets and with new ideas? Success is only attained with the right combination of innovation, organization, determination, and communication. There are many kinds of creativity, and you need to deploy them all in tandem if you are to thrive over the long haul. Whether you’re starting a new venture, expanding an existing one, or reinventing something that has run its course, the best way forward is to tether clear-eyed perspective to wild-eyed passion. Whatever game you’re playing, success requires you give it your all.

Einstein quote

The Boomerang Nebula, Credit: NASA, ESA, R. Sahai and J. Trauger (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and the WFPC2 Science Team