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Background- For many years Bonick Landscaping operated as a silent partner with another landscaping company. In 2000 it became independent, which meant it needed its own identity, positioning in its key demographic areas, and a strategic marketing plan to raise awareness and drive sales.

Challenge- Because Bonick had done no previous advertising of its own and often worked on the backend of projects designed by a prominent landscape architect, Bonick Landscaping had no brand name awareness or professional photographs of its work. Since it was, in effect, a start-up, it also had a very limited budget. Counterpoise needed to introduce a new entity to a saturated market efficiently and effectively.

Solutions- Conceive and design a new brand, focusing on quality and service, to position Bonick Landscaping as one of the premiere landscaping firms in Dallas and Fort Worth. That done, Counterpoise created an integrated strategic marketing plan that included: media planning, new photography, direct mail, cinema advertising, community outreach (school auctions, etc.) school auctions, print advertising and a new web site. The campaign was rolled out according to a strict timeline to meet budget demands while keeping Bonick's name out in the community. SInce 2001, Bonick's business has more than tripled. Counterpoise is currently working on a new strategic plan to take Bonick through the next ten years.